About Lexis SecureChat

Lexis® SecureChat is a Secure communication channel integrated with LexisConvey matters. Safe-guard your private communication between your staff and your clients by using SecureChat.  Messages are encrypted, and avoids the risk of being hacked by sending sensitive documentation via email.

Send your proforma accounts and clients personal identity documentation on a secure platform which integrates directly into your software matter.

 Lexis SecureChat provides:
  • Attorney to attorney SecureChat using Lexis Gateway technology.
  • All messages, documents and attachments are encrypted and stored post registration.
  • SecureChat is restricted to chats between two parties; point to point communication.
  • Consumers are able to add their own documents to the Document storage.

For your firm:

  • Secure communication platform with your customers.
  • Online Document storage of all relevant documents per matter.
  • Easy access when requested in years to come, when the physical files has been destroyed after 5 year the electronic file lives on.
  • Customers have access to documents post registration with your branding.

For your customer:

  • Secure communication platform with your firm.
  • Access to all documents uploaded by themselves and sent by your firm to them.
  • Access extends post registration.
  • Can be used to store any of their own documents in a secure environment.
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