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No more printing, signing, and scanning. No more illegible documents due to multiple scans. Why wait for physical signatures in a digital age that demands urgency at every turn? Lexis®Sign is a secure, web-based platform for all channels that simplifies these processes for you.

By activating Lexis®Sign, you ensure that agreements are signed electronically while delivering clear and fully compliant documentation. Enhance your efficiency and accelerate the conclusion of contracts.

Upload and sign documents from any location without wasting paper, time, or valuable resources with Lexis®Sign.

Why Lexis Sign?

Secure, web-based, and fully responsive
Can be used to sign PDF documents online
Facilitates all processes at the point of contract signature
Easily upload supporting documentation with the relevant contract
Signed documents are tamper-proof, ensuring no additions or deletions
Ensure a secure audit trail
No additional hardware is required

Your Legal E-Signature Solution

Lexis®Sign delivers world-class digital signatures as outlined by the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act. The ECT Act gives legal recognition to electronic documents that use advanced digital software to provide security, document integrity, and indisputable authenticity. With Lexis Sign, you can choose between ordinary electronic signatures and Advanced Electronic Signatures, per current legislation.

Lexis®Sign User License Special

Get Lexis®Sign now at the following special rates:
Register now and get the first 30 days free for an unlimited number of users. Thereafter:

1-10 Users: per user per month - R317.70*
11+ Users: per user per month - R264.75*
*Prices exclude VAT

Leverage the power of the digital age with guidance from an industry-leading resource provider.

Use the following Lexis®Sign features to help you efficiently automate your signing processes.

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Lexis®Sign API

Integrating your in-house CRM or Document Management System with Lexis®Sign and every signature delivered to you will carry the highest level of evidentiary weight as recognised in the ECT Act.

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Cloud AES

Take the hassle out of Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) with Cloud AES. No need for installation of additional software, or to carry additional hardware.

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Signatures Made Simple

Get easy access to Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) after a simple once-off face-to-face verification process and sign documents from any connected device, anywhere, at any time.

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Microsoft® Office 365 Add-In

Integrate electronic signatures smoothly into your workflow with the Lexis®Sign add-in for Microsoft® Office 365. Draft and effortlessly send documents for signatures directly from Microsoft® Word.

Join the digital revolution with LexisNexis and transform the way you sign contracts with Lexis®Sign.

Stay Online

As part of our expansion and growth, keeping you online and up to date with the Lexis Sign has never been easier - continuing to provide you with the utmost flexibility and offering you different channels to stay informed with all Lexis Sign software updates.


Upload a PDF that you need signed. You can also request supporting documents, like a copy of an ID.
Electronic Signature Advanced Electronic Signature (in accordance with the ECT Act) Recipients securely apply their digital signatures using one of the various methods of identification. They are able to sign remotely, or face-to-face.
As soon as the document is securely signed, you’ll be notified. With Lexis Sign the document is completely tamper-proof and uneditable, ensuring no additions, deletions or missing pages.
Download a secure PDF of the signed document, sync Lexis Sign with your cloud storage solution, integrate with your existing systems via API or store your documents safely on Lexis Sign.

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