About Lexis DocAssembly

Launched in 2009, Lexis DocAssembly is built as an enterprise document assembly platform that enables institutions to centrally manage complex document templates to be used throughout the decentralised channel environment. Lexis DocAssembly is standards based and built with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for ease of integration.

With unique features such as automated unit testing and document auditing, institutions now have greater visibility and control over their document templates.

Lexis DocAssembly Features

Currently being used by a number of banks and other vendors, our online document assembly solution
allows for easy updates of documents that take effect immediately.

Centralized online solution

Because Lexis DocAssembly is a centralized online solution, document suppliers can require all interested parties to request their signed off and verified documents from one
location on the internet.

Different document formats

Document suppliers have the option to make their documents available in RTF or
un-editable, digitally signed PDF.

Quick document changes

Lexis DocAssembly document analysts are able to quickly make modifications to the text and data requirements of document templates before releasing them to the
online environment.

Technical information

Lexis Sign provides a service API for interaction with other components of your document management systems. Various PDF
documents can be displayed and signed.

No duplication of work

Attorneys are spared the burden of having to recreate documents which they don’t have in their software if it has been interfaced with
Lexis DocAssembly - all they need to do is
to request them.

Fraud prevention

Document suppliers want to be able to verify the source of their documents when they are digitally signed in PDF format.

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