About Lexis WebConvey

Lexis WebConvey is a comprehensive smart-client conveyancing process and panel management software solution which facilitates the processing of bonds, cancellations and transfers for clients. Lexis WebConvey integrates directly with the bank’s back-end systems, allowing data to be collected from various independent sources into a single matter, ready for checking and instruction. It also allows the bank greater control and visibility of the entire conveyancing process.

Lexis WebConvey uses built-in business rules and logic when creating a matter that determines which documents will be required for the client and attorney during the conveyancing process. A strict workflow is enforced, allowing Lexis WebConvey to track turnaround times, request certain events to take place and prompt for various requirements and documents at selected steps during the life of the matter. Lexis WebConvey’s comprehensive functionality allows banks to simply and easily monitor and control all their matters.

Lexis WebConvey benefits

Comprehensive Reporting

Lexis WebConvey has comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing for amongst others, workflow, exception, and a host
of management reports.

Attorney and User Management

Lexis WebConvey enforces compliance, prevents fraud and allows for the ring fencing
of groups, and auto allocation of tasks.

An Instruction Tool

Lexis WebConvey allocates Attorneys automatically and allows for integrated data capture, online verification and checking,
and workflow management.

Document Management

Document templates are generated and maintained within Lexis WebConvey, where
they can be tracked, checked, attached to, printed, digitised and stored.

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