About Lexis Connect

Lexis Connect is a web-based application used by accountable institutions to communicate with groups of external service providers doing work on their behalf on a case by case basis, in a secure and compliant fashion. The system is targeted towards any type of work that generates repeat cases of the same type, involving multiple providers that are geographically separated.

Most commonly it is used by financial institutions to instruct attorneys around the country to pursue legal actions such as debt review applications where confidentiality and compliance with privacy legislation is essential.

Lexis Connect Benefits

A secure platform for managing outsourced knowledge work

Less Mistakes

Lexis Connect has a direct, efficient, secure and auditable two-way communication trail.

A better view

Comprehensive deal-tracking and attorney-performance reporting.

Business support

Customisable workflow and data support the business process and help manage the
work in progress.

Invoice solution

Invoices can be submitted and managed
using Lexis Connect.

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