Lexis® Practical Guidance: Civil Procedure

Civil Procedure

Practical Guidance Civil Procedure allows you to easily acquire a practical understanding of civil procedure, the related court rules and other key legislation, without losing the intricate details of the law. With a strong emphasis on practical aids, Practical Guidance Civil Procedure will assist you with executing tasks and actioning items. It provides step-by-step guidance to practice and procedure in the Magistrates’ Court and High Court and is supported by practice directives from the various provinces, as well as references to the Magistrate Court Rules and the High Court Rules.

  • Jurisdiction
  • Instituting action
  • Parties to the proceedings
  • Discovery
  • Procedures following close of pleadings to trial
  • Applications
  • Non-compliance with the rules
  • Execution process
  • Appeals
  • Reviews
  • More than 30 Topics
  • Over 120 Guidance notes
  • In excess of 290 Forms, Precedents
    and Checklists
  • Up-to-date Legislation & Case Law
  • Practice directives from various provinc
  • Summons
  • Particulars of claim
  • Discovery notices
  • Notice of motion
  • Founding affidavit
  • Warrant of execution
  • Rule 43 application
  • Application for leave to appeal
  • Application for review
  • PAJA application