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If you’re looking for a carefully curated suite of precedent-setting case law that can be tailored to suit your area of specialization – look no further than LexisNexis Case Law, powered by Lexis Library. Our complete case law solution will help you take a strategic approach to planning your cases, with fast access to clear, reliable information on precedent-setting case law.

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The only one of its kind in South Africa, Legal Citator is designed to analyse the precedential value of cases you're researching to reduce your research time dramatically.  It canvasses five series of case law and has over 90 000 interlinked cases in constant, dynamic, analysis,  generating a Case Analysis report on each. Since the precedential value of judgments change – by using Legal Citator you ensure that the case you've chosen to use still matters.

Legal Citator covers: The All South African Law Reports (from 1996 to date), The South African Law Reports (from 1947 to date), the Constitutional Law Reports (from 1994 to date), the Labour Law Reports (from 1994 to date) and the Competition Law Reports (from 1999 to date).

Smart research

Find cases that deal with a specific section in an Act, a rule or a regulation

Cross reference

Find similar cases and cases that have referenced the one you're dealing with

Avoid ineffective arguments

Know if a case was overruled, criticised or found incorrect to ensure accuracy of your argument

case value

Know how much weight to place on cases referenced in arguments

Why Legal Citator?

Legal Citator is the only one of its kind in South Africa. Designed to analyse the precedential value of cases you're researching, Legal Citator will reduce research that might otherwise take hours, to mere minutes.

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Legal Citator gives in-depth data, and information on a particular case - making it possible to frame an accurate argument within minutes.

The Natal Joint Municipal Pension Fund v Endumeni Municipality is a case that deals with when litis contestation is fixed. The standing of this case in the legal field however may need to be determined.

In our free downloadable, it is easy to see how the decision in this case has changed and developed simply by looking at the Legal Citator judgment treatment.

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We understand that topical cases provide legal practitioners with key insights into successful or overruled trials, our selection process ensures that the most precedent-setting cases, judgments, reports and commentaries are available to our clients timeously and with ease of access time-to-mind. Our Monthly Case Law Index is a free-to-download document, detailing the latest cases from the previous month

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