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eDiscovery – are you ready for the next legal frontier?

The world is awash with data and has officially entered the Zettabyte era. Hundreds of billions of emails are sent and received on a daily basis, and it has been calculated that more than 97% of business documents are created electronically. In short, the very nature of what constitutes information and documentary evidence, types and sources, and how they are dealt with has changed. eDiscovery is right here right now and South Africa is not immune nor exempt from the digital revolution.  As a legal technology provider at the forefront of the evolution of the industry, LexisNexis is driving how South African lawyers can understand and embrace electronic documents and manage eDiscovery in the 21st century.

What is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery refers to the retrieval of materials originating from a computer, and it extends beyond computer files to encompass the analysis, gathering, processing, review and production of discovery materials in electronic format from start to finish. The basic principle is that information which is stored, used or transmitted in electronic form should be available through discovery with the same openness as traditional forms. In retrieving materials one should consider as a background the benefits of using eDiscovery technologies and the different steps in the practice of eDiscovery.  Litigation and database solutions – eDiscovery software solutions, Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) and working with service providers also need to be understood.

Here you will find hints, tips, and information on how eDiscovery can assist your business and firm to become more efficient. You also won’t want to miss Africa's first legal text on eDiscovery, published by LexisNexis.

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