Lexis® RefCheck and its Benefits

Internet access and advancements in technology have made many things possible, including the spread of false credentials. Diploma/degree mills are on the increase and have provided people with the opportunity and the means to falsify their qualifications, specialization, or academic transcripts. The fraud is so precise that many employers do not suspect it.

Consequences of Hiring Unqualified Candidates with False Credentials

Unqualified individuals offering services on your behalf could land your business in serious trouble.

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Reputational Damage

Reputation is everything in business and it is based solely on the perception customers have of your business offering. Should customers detect any falsehood or experience poor service as the result of a bad hire, the effects could be devastating. You could lose customers, resulting in profit loss.

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Rehiring Costs

Hiring a new, qualified employee to replace a deceptive one costs time and money. The lost income as a result of this could be up to two times the poor hire's salary. If the previous employee chooses to contest the dismissal, the company could stand to lose even more money.

Mitigating Risks from Hiring Incompetent Candidates

To avoid the consequences of hiring dishonest employees, employers must conduct effective screening and vetting. This will exhaustively verify the identities of shortlisted candidates and their qualifications.

The intricate screening process involves identity verification, social media checks, background screening, criminal checks, credit checks, and qualification checks.

Don't fall victim to fraudulent credentials

Employees directly influence the company's reputation and profitability. The extra time and effort spent verifying their identities and qualifications is necessary for the well-being of the business.

Lexis RefCheck conducts reference checks and safeguards your business against hiring fraudulent employees.


A Comprehensive and Growing List of Verifications

Lexis RefCheck offers an extensive range of verifications. From the most frequently used criminal credit, ID - and qualification checks, to more industry-specific checks for FAIS compliance, Lexis RefCheck has got you covered.

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Credit Bureau Report
  • Drivers Licence Check
  • Professional Driving Permit
  • ID Verification
  • Fraud Listings
  • Matric Umalusi (Post 1992)
  • Matric  DOE (Pre 1992

  • Other Umalusi
  • N Level Qualifications
  • Tertiary Academic
  • Employment History
  • Social Media Check
  • Fit & Proper Screening
  • FAIS Comprehensive Check
  • Consumer Goods Council
  • Professional Association
  • Citizenship Confirmation
  • Permanent Residency
  • Work Permit Verification
  • Asylum Permit Verification
  • Business Background Check
  • Director/Member Search
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