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This comprehensive handbook explains the impact of the Act on all key business areas, the duties and responsibilities of companies, and the changes needed to ensure compliance. Any organisation that stores as little as an email address or a phone number will need to respond to POPI.

Up-to-Date Commentary on the Act

A Commentary on Protection of Personal Information is an easy-to-use guide that clarifies the duties and responsibilities of companies, and highlights the changes needed to ensure the businesses are protected from penalties.

Interprets Complex Legislation

POPI is structurally complicated and applies to diverse areas of law. This handbook provides clarity on this broad application and provides an informed interpretation of the Act.

Addresses 2018 GDPR

This is the first publication to cover the new 2018 EU legislation, its implications and insights for compliance in South Africa. Companies that deal with suppliers or clients in the EU will
find this of particular interest.

The Impact of POPI

The publication provides guidance on the impact of POPI on functions including employment law, automated and non-automated processes  and decision-making, outsourcing, marketing, credit reporting and the use of the internet.

Expert Authors

Authors Prof. Yvonne Burns and Ahmore Burger-Smidt have drawn on their vast expertise in general privacy legislation, and the European Union GDPR that has set the standard on personal privacy legislation.

Grace Period

Once POPI comes into force, every private and public organisation will have a 12-month grace period to get their house in order. This commentary will explain your obligations under the Act and ensure complete compliance.

Comprehensive Handbook

The Essential Handbook for Every Organisation A Commentary on the Protection of Personal Information Act gives attorneys and businesses clear guidance on the application and interpretation of POPI. It also sheds light on the steps that need to be taken to protect businesses and their executive management from the severe penalties for non-compliance, and protect the rights of clients, employees and business partners.

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