LexisNexis Data Services helps uncover the information that commercial organisations and government agencies need to get a complete picture of individuals, businesses and assets with industry-leading data and analytic solutions.  With solutions such as Lexis ProcureCheck, Nexis Diligence, Lexis RefCheck and Lexis WinDeed, the division’s specialised risk-management tools make it easier for organisations to carry out background screening of individuals and organisations, searches of public record information, due diligence and property vetting. LexisNexis Data Services quickly and efficiently delivers specific, in-depth information gathered across thousands of unique data sources
to address industry-specific needs.

Lexis® MetroIQ

Lexis MetroIQ assists in maintaining an accurate and up-to-date property registry that allows municipalities to  operate efficiently and effectively throughout the property transfer, billing and collections process. By identifying any changes in property transfers, subdivisions and consolidations, you are able to quickly update  account records to ensure accurate billing, improve collection of rates, and ultimately meet audit requirements.

Lexis® RefCheck

Lexis RefCheck is a leading pre-employment and background screening solution, and is arguably one of the most essential tools in human resource management and staff recruitment today. Lexis RefCheck enables recruitment agencies and employers to verify the personal details of a potential employee or candidate prior to offering employment. By improving transparency and disclosure, informed decisions can be made regarding one of the most important assets of an organisation, its employees.

Nexis Diligence

Enhanced due diligence, access to global news sources, PEPS, sanctions and watch lists, company and country information. This helps protect companies from the reputational, regulatory and monetary risks associated with financial crime. South African and international legislation and other associated market drivers require organisations to conduct background checks on companies and individuals.

Lexis® ProcureCheck

Lexis ProcureCheck makes use of your employee, vendor data and third-party datasets to search for conflicts of interest in your procurement environment. Cross-matching functionality highlights where possible fraudulent scenarios could occur, helping to prevent conflicts from having a negative impact such as financial or reputational damage on your organisation. Our Vendor Reports highlight associated risks such as business status, director status and directors linked to public entities.

Lexis® WinDeed

Lexis WinDeed is South Africa’s leading search tool for personal, company and property information, providing a single point of access to a variety of data sources. WinDeed provides fast and reliable 24-hour access to South Africa’s major registration offices including the Deeds Office, CIPC, TransUnion, Experian and Compuscan Credit Bureaus and the Office of the Surveyor General. WinDeed is ideal for attorneys, estate agents, valuers, surveyors, conveyancers, researchers and anyone involved in searching for information on individuals, properties or companies.

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