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Technology has changed legal research for the better and every day brings with it safer, faster, more accurate ways for legal professionals to access the information they need for daily legal research.

From all available South African case law to the latest digital tools for the job on hand, our range of on-point solutions includes research content and tools, academic and practical guidance resources, as well as an online store and tailored data solutions. With LexisNexis, you get access to a complete legal landscape.

Lexis Library – Best practice for your practice

Want to lower research costs and manage your time more effectively? Reduce research hours but ensure you have the most relevant case law for your needs? Work from wherever, at any time?

LexisNexis will help you revolutionise the way your team conducts legal research with Lexis Library, our integrated online research resource:

  • Access to the widest range of specialist case law and legislation as well as expert commentary in over 40 research areas across Africa. Legal materials include All South African Law Reports – monthly publications of the latest civil and criminal cases and precedent-setting judgments to facilitate legal research.
  • Unique tools like Legal Citator, designed to analyse the precedential value of a case, dramatically reducing research time and ensuring case relevance. Legal Citator also has signal indicators, showing the status of a case while making referencing of legislation quick and easy.

And best of all? All these resources are accessed via one easy-to-navigate online platform and are interlinked, making research as simple and efficient as possible.

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