Marco van der Merwe

Author Third Edition Volume 42 Trade Marks
Marco van der Merwe has a BLC LLB and has been a practising attorney for 27 years. He is an expert in domestic trade mark registration, searches and maintenance, domestic and international copyright, information technology law and domain names. Marco is a specialist trade mark attorney with experience in computer-related litigation and information technology.

He is a fellow, former Treasurer and Vice-president of the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law, a former lecturer and current moderator of the SA Copyright Law and Practice module for SAIIPL, Current lecturer of the SA Trademark Law and Practice module for SAIIPL, and Senior Domain Name Dispute adjudicator for the domain space.

He has authored a number of publications. Marco has received the Microsoft Best Practices Award as well as the Butterworth prize for the best contribution to the De Rebus magazine by a practising attorney. He is a co-author of the Trade Marks chapter in Dean and Dyer: Intellectual Property Law in South Africa. Marco is a Partner at Spoor and Fisher.