Media Release: LexisNexis Executive recognised as a leading figure in SA Tech

05 May 2023 15:00

Videsha Proothveerajh, the CEO of LexisNexis, has been honoured for her exceptional leadership and contribution to the African technology arena at the prestigious Sentech Africa Tech Week Awards.

The CEO Award, presented by Sentech, celebrates individuals who display an unwavering passion for the tech industry, serving as an inspirational role model with their determination, motivation, and profound expertise.

This accolade highlights Proothveerajh's outstanding leadership, visionary mindset, and invaluable contributions to the technology industry, solidifying her position as a leading businesswoman and expert within Africa's rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Through her exceptional business acumen and strategic decision-making, she has successfully scaled multiple ventures and with unwavering determination and tenacity has navigated the complexities of her operating environment overcoming obstacles and turning challenges into opportunities.

Proothveerajh has also consistently championed diversity and inclusion within LexisNexis and the wider business community. As an advocate for gender equality, she has paved the way for aspiring businesswomen, providing mentorship and support to foster their growth and success.

Proothveerajh says: "This award holds personal significance, not only as an individual and a businesswoman but also as a symbol of the remarkable progress made by LexisNexis as a digital innovation company and the strides women are making in the tech industry.

“It is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of my colleagues and the remarkable individuals at LexisNexis South Africa; this award belongs to all of us. It is an absolute privilege and honour to walk this journey with my team beside me. Achievements like these pay tribute to our commitment to innovation and our mission to advance the rule of law, ultimately unlocking the potential of the African continent. It encourages us to stop and celebrate an amazing LexisNexis team who have proven what is possible when a team shares a vision for the future. I am extremely proud of what we have built together. A shout out to my kids, my loved ones and my support team who have always allowed me to dream big and held the space for me to achieve these breath-taking moments.  I hope that this achievement inspires young women entering the tech industry toward a realization that there is space for us to thrive.” she adds.

LexisNexis South Africa congratulates Proothveerajh on this well-deserved award and expresses gratitude to Sentech for their recognition of the remarkable accomplishments achieved by the industry's most exceptional business leaders in the technology sector.