Drafting Legal Documents Has Never Been Easier

As a legal practitioner, you’re under constant pressure to draft legal documents as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing accuracy.

What if you could reduce manual document checking and be freed up to do higher-value legal work?

With Lexis® Check, you can. Lexis® Check is a first for South Africa – an independent Microsoft® Word toolbar that helps you create accurate, clear and error-free legal documents with confidence. From heads of argument, to pleadings or opinions, you can rest assured that the legislation and case law references you’ve used are accurate, targeted and up-to-date.

Lexis® Check, scans your document, flags legislation and case law references that need your attention and links directly to LexisNexis services without leaving Microsoft® Word —saving you time and resources.

Why consider Lexis® Check?

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Anchored by a solid legal technology heritage

For over 85 years, LexisNexis® South Africa has delivered trusted legal content, data and analytics in line with a commitment to advancing the rule of law. From the latest technology to the most relevant legal content, we streamline your work processes and boost your productivity - Lexis® Check is no different.

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Maximize your billable hours

Are your clients wanting more for less? Lexis® Check gives you confidence in the quality of your documents, and saves you up to xx in research time, so you can focus on adding value for your clients

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Work with the tools you know

Lexis® Check runs as a toolbar in Microsoft Word so you can check and cross-check your drafts without switching programmes

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Access affordable pricing options

Lexis® Check is priced right, with no exorbitant hidden fees. What’s more is that existing Lexis® Library subscribers benefit from reduced rates

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Integrated drafting and research powered by an ecosystem

Lexis® Check stands on its own but integrates seamlessly from within your Microsoft® Word document to leverage content and functionality from our unmatched legal research platform Lexis® Library. Allowing Lexis® Library subscribers to dive deeper into content via their Lexis® Library subscription.

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Draft with confidence, efficiency and peace of mind

Guarantee the quality, consistency and accuracy of your legal document. Be confident that your citations and references are correct at any given time. Recheck old documents at the click of a button

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