What if you could instantly compare historical versions of Acts?

Searching for historical information on Acts can be time consuming, especially when following a multitude of hypertext links. Did you know that Lexis® Library now provides historical versions of an Act as a fully consolidated and annotated Act at any point in time from 2014? The Point in Time feature means that you can easily view and compare different versions of an Act. Exclusive to LexisNexis, the compare feature allows you to compare any 2 versions, tracking and highlighting the changes between them. In addition, Point in Time now offers a view and compare of individual sections of an Act. This enables the compare feature for large Acts, making accessing historical Acts that much easier.

With all principal Acts available at any point in time from 2014, you can:

View previous versions
of an Act

The Point in Time feature for National Legislation allows you to view a principal Act at a particular point in time. Open an Act, click on the PIT icon in the task bar and a pop-up will display a list of all historical versions since 2014. Choose a PDF or RTF view.

View previous versions of a section

You can also view just a section of an Act at a point in time. Navigate to the section, click on the PIT icon and the pop-up displays a list all historical versions of both the full Act and the relevant section since 2014. Choose a PDF or RTF view.

Compare versions at different points in time

The Point in Time feature also provides a comparison of different versions of an Act or section at various points in time. Select two versions of the full Act or a section on the PIT pop-up and see the changes clearly highlighted.

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