Good Corporate Governance

State-owned entities in South Africa have a great impact on the country's commercial objectives, and they're seen as valuable sources of patronage by many.

Their influence underpins every facet of economic life, so if these entities face any problems, it will be felt across all aspects of business within this region.

Changing The Current State For The Better

The importance that public enterprises play cannot be overstated. Their success drives much-needed growth, which generates employment opportunities while also providing essential services like electricity or transportation networks necessary for modern living.

State-owned enterprises are critical to the success of any country, but they face many obstacles. One major obstacle is that these companies do not always have enough resources or expertise for compliance, public sector responsibility, and risk management purposes which can lead them into trouble if left unchecked.

The importance of corporate governance and a Code of Ethics, cannot be over emphasized as it plays a huge role in assisting state owned entities succeed, but one thing standing between those industries and performance tend towards being low on money; meaning little room exists aside from what's budgeted just going forward.

Introducing Best Practice Guide for State Owned Entities

Now you can finally put your mind at ease knowing that there is a guide for implementing better corporate governance in state-owned entities.

The Lexis Library Best Practice Guide for State-Owned Entities provides information on how to improve the system from an outsider's perspective, which will be helpful as we work within these organizations and seek changes within them ourselves.

Customizable, Flexible
and Cost-effective

This is a perfect opportunity for the Company Secretary in government to stay up-to date with all of their National legislation, cases and reference books.

This will allow them to be able to provide valuable guidance on how it applies to state owned entities.

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