Conduct intelligent online legal research

Finding answers can be difficult if you are manually reading through a vast content library. Which is why our Lexis® Library solution delivers flexible and intelligent search options that help point you in the right direction. Search broadly or go right to a favorite source. Narrow your search up-front or further down the road. Get on-point, authoritative information — fast.

Spend less time searching for answers with Lexis Library’s intuitive search functionality

Natural Language Search

No need for complex legal search terms. Find what you are looking for in plain, simple English with Lexis Library’s innovative search enhancements.

  • Search our content using natural language.
  • Find relevant content at the top of your results.

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Lexis Answers

Lexis® Library is reducing your search time even further by providing quick access to the answers you’re looking for.

  • View definitions to popular legal terms at the top of your search results.
  • Includes links to sources to continue your reading.

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Focus Searches

Tailor your search criteria to find answers to specific needs.

  • Use our advanced focus search to find exact words and phrases or specify exclusions for your search criteria.
  • Set specific parameters using our Law Reports, Legislation and Gazettes Online focus searches to deliver precise results.

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Search Filtering

You can even pre-filter your search to just the specific region, research area or publication you want before you begin. Or if you prefer, you can wait and filter results after you search. With Lexis® Library you can apply unlimited search filters, use as many as you want to get to the results you need.

  • Pre-filters give you the flexibility to define the parameters of your search.
  • Use post-filters and search within results lets you refine broad searches for more precise answers.

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