The Modern-Day Advocate

In the modern and changing legal profession, there are ever increasing challenges that Advocates must deal with.

From extreme time constraints and deciding which work to prioritize first, to complex issues of finding the current relevant applicable law within the ocean of available case law. These are just  some of the hurdles the Modern-Day Advocate is faced with.

Having access to great legal resources, at the right affordable price, alleviates these stresses.

LexisNexis offers you great solutions to assist Advocates in overcoming these challenges.

Introducing the Advocates Starter Pack

LexisNexis prides itself as a leading partner for Advocates - keeping you updated with the most recent developments in the legal sphere. Navigate the ever-increasing plethora of legal resources available and to find the most recent and most applicable content specific to your case with Lexis Library.

Your Essential Case Law Resource: Legal Citator

As an Advocate you don’t have time to waste! Stay on top of your game and ensure our case law references are up to date  with Legal Citator.

The only one of its kind in South Africa, Legal Citator is designed to analyse the precedential value of cases you're researching to reduce your research time dramatically.

It canvasses five series of case law and has over 90 000 interlinked cases in constant, dynamic, analysis,  generating a Case Analysis report on each. Since the precedential value of judgments change – by using Legal Citator you ensure that the case you've chosen to use still matters.

Reduce Manual Document Checking: Lexis Check*

Advocates are under constant pressure to draft legal documents as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing accuracy. What if you could reduce manual document checking and be freed up to do higher-value legal work? With Lexis Check, you can.

Lexis Check is a first for South Africa – an independent Microsoft® Word toolbar that helps you create accurate, clear and error-free legal documents with confidence. From heads of argument, to pleadings or opinions, you can rest assured that the legislation and case law references you’ve used are accurate, targeted and up-to-date.

* Lexis Check is available as an additional subscription that can be added to your Advocate Starter Pack

Solutions Customised
Especially for you

LexisNexis prides ourselves in offering our clients suitable options that will assist them with their challenges also ensuring that these solutions are sustainable and amendable.

Let us contact you with more information on a Lexis Library Advocate Starter Pack solution customised to your needs!

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