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LexisNexis partners with governments, judiciaries and acknowledged legal experts to create and maintain reference works in multiple formats that make legal research fast and reliable. We currently offer legislation, law reports, legal commentary and journals throughout Botswana, Gambia, Ghana, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, with more coming soon.

Our Partners

As part of our commitment to improving the Rule of Law throughout Africa, LexisNexis partners with governments, judiciaries, legal experts and law societies across Africa and the commonwealth that share our vision.

LexisNexis Botswana   Botswana
LexisNexis compiles and publishes Legiserve Botswana, a loose-leaf and online service, as well as a number of commentaries. Read more..
LexisNexis Ghana   Ghana
The official compilation of all the Laws in Ghana – The Laws of Ghana and the Ghana Law Report Series which combines the Ghana Law Reports and the All England Law Reports. Read more..
LexisNexis Malawi   Malawi
The Malawi Law Reports from 1990 to 2004, the Commercial Series of the Malawi Law Reports and the first ever edition of the Malawi Labour Law Reports. Read more..
LexisNexis Maritius   Mauritius
LexisNexis established a partnership with the Ministry of Justice in Mauritius to publish The Mauritius Reports and the Laws of Mauritius. Read more..
LexisNexis Namibia   Namibia
Now in its 8th edition the LexisNexis Concise Guide to Tax in Namibia and Legiserve Namibia are available in both online and in loose-leaf format. Read more..
LexisNexis Nigeria   Nigeria
The only official version of The Laws of The Federation of Nigeria, as well as the Laws of 10 States, All Nigerian Law Reports, Nigerian Legislation Service, Nigeria Oil & Gas Cases and many more. Read more..
LexisNexis Eswatini   Eswatini
The Statutes of Eswatini and the Eswatini Law Reports, edited under the Supervision of Hon Justice Mbutfo D. Mamba LLB UBS, Judge of the High Court of Eswatini. Read more..
LexisNexis South Africa   South Africa
Leading solutions, enabling professionals in legal, corporate, tax, government, risk management, academic, real estate and non-profit organisations to remain abreast of changing legislation and shifts in the regulatory environment. Read more..
LexisNexis Tanzania   Tanzania
LexisNexis publishes The Tanganyika Laws Society Law Reports and The Tanzania Lawyer - Journal on behalf of the Tanganyika Law Society (TLS). Read more..
LexisNexis The Gambia   Gambia
In 2010 LexisNexis partnered with the Gambian Ministry of Justice, to publish the official Laws of The Gambia. Read more..
LexisNexis Uganda   Uganda
Launched in April 2015, LexisNexis' Consolidated Laws of Uganda, will be the first electronic research resource for consolidated Ugandan legislation. Read more..
LexisNexis Zambia   Zambia
Coming soon! Zambian Civil Procedure
Read more..
LexisNexis Zimbabwe   Zimbabwe
LexisNexis has recently launched the Laws of Zimbabwe on the MyLexisNexis online platform, giving you direct access to both primary law and subsidiary legislation. Read more..

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