LexisNexis POPIA+ Solutions

Understand. Apply Practically. Ensure Compliance

We have been waiting for it and it’s finally here. On the 1st of July, the consequences of POPIA were implemented. Those willing to be non-compliant will face fines up to R10M or prison sentences up to 10 years.

We understand that change is not always easy. With easy-to-understand language and applications, LexisNexis POPIA+ Solutions give you the peace of mind you need.

LexisNexis POPIA+ Solutions


We have carefully selected those LexisNexis solutions that will contribute to your
end-to-end compliance to POPIA.

Tailor your selection to ensure that you implement an effective POPIA strategy.



Practical Guidance POPIA Toolkit

Easy-to-understand language ensures that you fully understand key issues and the implementation of POPIA. For even easier application, make use of free checklists and templates that continue to evolve.



Practical Guidance IT and Data Protection

Keep up to date on data protection in South Africa and internationally. Gain insight into the key elements of contracting in the information technology space.



Lexis Assure Data Protection Pack

Manage POPIA associated compliance risks with our online alert system. Also gain access to full compliance obligations for the POPIA Act and regulations on our easy-to-use online compliance management system.  With access to over 10 Acts and compliance obligations, keeping up with POPIA doesn't have to be a hassle.



Lexis GRC Software Solutions

The Lexis GRC Software Solutions provides robust compliance solutions to keep your reputation protected. Offering you governance, risk, and compliance software that executive boards can rely on. The ideal compliance software designed and priced for your organization needs.


LexisNexis POPIA+ Solutions is here to guide you through the change.

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