The specialist news and analysis you need to stay ahead of fast-moving regulatory shifts in the UK and across the globe

Fast access to reliable news and forward-looking analysis has never been so vital

An independent news organisation with reporters close to trusted sources across the globe, MLex identifies regulatory risk as and wherever it emerges, empowering you to respond first to threats and opportunities for your organisation or clients in a world where regulation is increasingly complex and interconnected.

With custom email alerts, granular search filters, and comprehensive ‘Portfolios’ for deeper research, MLex allows you to stay ahead of the regulatory curve with minimal effort.

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Exclusive reporting

Know what others in the room don’t, thanks to our journalists’ unrivaled access and trusted sources in the world’s regulatory centers.

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Specialist analysis

Experts in their fields, our reporters dig deep into the issues that matter to your business and clients, now and in the longer term.

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No agenda

Have complete trust in what you’re reading, with all stories written in-house and the highest standards of impartiality.

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The complete view

With bureaus across the UK, Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, MLex offers the must-have global view of regulation.

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