LexisNexis and Africa Legal partner to advance the Rule of Law

17 June 2021 18:24

Legal technology company, LexisNexis South Africa, has cemented a strategic partnership with professional platform, Africa Legal, aimed at advancing the Rule of Law in Africa and impacting the work of legal professionals across the continent.

The partnership is a demonstration of both entities’ commitment to the African continent and a shared vision for the future. It comprises an Africa Market Mapping exercise which will include comprehensive research into the unique needs of African legal professionals and will evaluate the strength of the Rule of Law in Pan African countries. Make your voice heard in this important study by clicking here.

The partnership also includes the Justice Inspired Initiative that seeks to shine a spotlight on those members of Africa's legal community whose actions are genuinely impacting and enhancing the Rule of Law in Africa. The campaign will delve into the historical inspirations behind modern-day Rule of Law trailblazers and serve as a reminder of the long, and often hard, road which has been walked by Africa's lawyers in their search for justice, fairness and equality before the law.

As a multinational company with a history of over 85 years at the forefront of providing localised legal content and technology in South Africa and across the continent, LexisNexis South Africa’s vision is to enhance the potential of the African continent by advancing the rule of law. This is aligned strategically with Africa Legal’s purpose of making it easier for African legal professionals to enhance their careers, obtain professional news and access digital courses all in one place.

CEO and Chair of the Board of LexisNexis South Africa, Videsha Proothveerajh, said, “Enhancing the rule of law through Africa and the Commonwealth is one of LexisNexis’ core objectives, and through strategic partnerships and our work across the continent we strive to create a platform for African countries to become more competitive and attract more foreign direct investment, thus enabling the continent to achieve its full potential and take its rightful place on the global stage.”

“The Rule of Law as a factor for global competitiveness is a basic requirement that all countries must pro-actively enable and uphold. Our partnership with Africa Legal forms part of our pursuit to develop partnerships within an ecosystem of like-minded companies who share the vision and desire to work tirelessly at achieving a situation where all citizens have access to sufficient legal support,” she added.

Africa Legal’s Chief Executive, Scott Cowan, said across Africa legal professionals were doing “incredible work” and the goal of Africa Legal, working with LexisNexis, was to enable a conduit for easy communication and professional education that supported the rule of law.

“We see time and again how the challenges faced by legal professionals in Nigeria or Ghana or South Africa are similar to those being faced in Kenya, Ethiopia, Botswana or Mozambique, for example. What we are offering is the facility for easy networking and sharing so that legal professionals can collaborate and upskill in a way that has never been done before,” he said.

Africa Legal offers a robust online platform that connects legal professionals across the continent and provides accessible industry news and insights, jobs and professional development courses.  The team behind this resource recognises that practising lawyers need to be up to date with developments in law and policy, and to be knowledgeable in emerging trends in their areas of practice. Likewise, individuals and organisations also need access to the law and to knowledge of what their rights and obligations are in terms of the law.

The strategic partnership between LexisNexis and Africa Legal will thus harness the power of technology and digital transformation as a tool that can add efficiencies in law and expand reach across the legal community.

To take part in this Africa first research, please click here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ROLResearch2021