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Ensuring your organisation’s success means staying on top of the latest workplace trends. In South Africa, this means being vigilant about changes in legislation and regulations, especially around ways of work. Add to that the effects of COVID-19 and there’s a wide range of new information to learn and implement.

Where to start? With LexisNexis. At the forefront of the latest legal content, LexisNexis is perfectly poised to help you keep up-to-date and implement the latest in HR protocols and systems.

For organisations looking to thrive in today’s modern marketplace, expert Human Resource management is vital

It’s a constant, time consuming challenge understanding the ever-changing complexities of HR, and HR Professionals are having to adapt the way they work to meet daily demands.

Vetting freelancers, negotiating remote work schedules and flexi-time, reducing payroll costs, managing business units such as call centres and security teams, all of these things are hinged on the manner in which you engage with your workforce and deal with procedural labour issues.

As a professional, you have had to adapt quickly and efficiently. But you also need dependable and accurate resources to support you. LexisNexis have you covered, with our collection of trusted HR content which covers all areas of the employee life cycle, enabling you to cover all your bases.

Combining innovative global technology with local expertise and knowledge, we provide up-to-date, reliable and accurate data on a single platform, making it a game changing tool for our customers. You can protect your company against risk with this comprehensive legal intelligence solution.

Looking to thrive in today’s modern marketplace?

Expert Human Resource management is vital. Here's how LexisNexis can help you.

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