Leading from the front

31 August 2018 1:13pm
Gcobisa Ntshona

Leading from the front

31 August 2018 00:00

As we bid farewell to Women’s Month, we found out what makes our new HR director tick – and what she has planned for LexisNexis South Africa.

“We’re looking for go-getters, people who have a passion for winning. Those who are crafting innovative ways of work and serving our customers. We are looking for people who want to deliver.”

So says Gcobisa Ntshona, the trailblazer who took over as Human Resources Director at LexisNexis South Africa earlier this year. As the company heads into its 80th year as leaders in the legal information and software solutions industry, Gcobisa and her team will be driving a talent management initiative to attract, hire and retain the best people in the business.

“It’s about hiring the right people and developing our internal workforce through upskilling on the job and providing them with meaningful learning opportunities. We will also ensure that we deploy our people for bigger and more challenging roles to guarantee that we develop future leaders,” says Ntshona.

She also wants to promote an organisational culture that is engaging, flexible and empowering and will be building upon a solid foundation in generalist human resources.

“The people who work here at LexisNexis South Africa are dedicated and passionate about making things happen, especially as it has evolved from print to content-based solutions that are enhanced by technology.”

Ntshona says the secret to a successful company is when all employees truly understand why the company exists and how they contribute to its survival. “It’s when the culture promote an all-hands-on-deck approach in ensuring the customer agenda is driven, and when the sum of all efforts gets us the prize.”

“My career journey has been a series of good fortune, great leaders who believed in my abilities, hard work and determination, and not being afraid of raising my hand for bigger challenges.

“My advice to others is to always aim for perfection and, in doing so, only land on for excellence.”