Advancing Occupational Health and Safety

Day to day operations during COVID-19 have required the implementation of increased safety measures and precautions. This, on top of the already mandated Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requirements, has necessitated increased access to trustworthy and reliable suppliers of goods and services, to safeguard employees and your business. Health and safety specialists, compliance offers, employers and indeed – employees - need to ensure that the workplace is a safe and hazard free environment in which to operate. Identifying hazardous materials, conditions and practices at the workplace is key to reducing and eliminating risk.

Lex Patria’s OHS Directory

Lex Patria’s OHS Directory is your comprehensive guide to supplier of products and services in the field of health, safety, and environmental management. Click here to download your copy of the Lex Patria's OHS Directory.

A comprehensive solution

Need a comprehensive directory that puts the contact information, products, and services of suppliers of Safety Products, Diagnostic Services, OHS Professional bodies, Environmental Management or Health and Safety Consulting Services and Training at your fingertips? Looking for details of the Department of Labour, Inspection Authorities, Assessments and Implementation of ISO Standards?

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