Ahead with compliance

In an age where the speedier, more comprehensive, and self-sufficient answer is continually sought, innovation and technology frequently go hand in hand.

Pioneering solutions – such as Lexis Assure and Lexis GRC – demonstrate how new technology built on established basics may simplify the management of complicated operations such as compliance.

Innovative compliance solutions
at your fingertips

Maintaining regulatory compliance in a highly regulated jurisdiction may be difficult. Having easy access to knowledge, promotes the concept of self-sufficiency. As with innovation, compliance management is a fluid process that may appear onerous and difficult to sustain without guidance.

Bespoke Governance, Risk and Compliance for you and your clients

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive reputation protection solution for your own needs or a compliance service that keeps you up-to-date on the latest legislation, to help you manage your clients' compliance needs efficiently. LexisNexis has the answer, with bespoke governance, risk and compliance solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

Lexis Assure eliminates the onerous task of tracking legislative updates by delivering compliance services in addition to a legal register, self-audit capability, and customizable reporting that enables the creation of customer reports.

Lexis GRC is a comprehensive up-to-date and customizable reputation management solution and governance, risk, and compliance software that can be relied upon by executive boards. With the LexisNexis legislative material included in Lexis GRC, clients have access to several modules and the options to tailor it to their business's specific needs and objectives.

Simply put, risk management and compliance has never been easier than it is with Lexis Assure and Lexis GRC.

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