Mastering Governance with good compliance

Navigating the SA business landscape isn't easy. It's highly regulated, with new legislation constantly being written and regulations changing. It’s tough keeping up. But the consequences of not doing so are even tougher – think corporate lawsuits, reputational damage, lost productivity and wasted opportunities.

The Companies Act

The Companies Act continues to be a key piece of legislation when it comes to outlining key regulations that companies are required to comply with in order to maintain sound legal status. The companies Act seeks to simplify and reduce the cost of forming a company, promote an effective regulatory environment, improve the management and efficiency of companies, enforce high standards of corporate governance and give South African companies a fair chance against the international market.

Free to download: Transactional List - Companies Act 71 of 2008.

LexisNexis brings you a free to access Transaction Checklist in line with the Companies Act 71 of 2008. This checklist outlines potential aspect of transaction, applicable section in act and brief overview of action required.

Effective regulatory compliance practices is the new business as usual. Master your governance and compliance.
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