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You need a complete digital procurement solution to administer your supplier relationships - from vendor onboarding, to ongoing monitoring that highlights hidden procurement risks within your company and your suppliers’ business.

Lexis® OnBoard

A fully electronic, single stop with all the checks and balances you need to start off your vendor management life cycle soundly, and to continue to manage it effectively, from Registration and Sourcing to Contracting. Lexis OnBoard is integrated with Lexis ProcureCheck. It houses all your vendor documentation and empowers your suppliers to onboard themselves electronically into your procurement system, while ensuring your company applies an appropriate level of due diligence. You’re also given advance notification of any documents expiring soon, such as BBBEE and Tax Clearance Certificates.

Lexis® ProcureCheck

For effortless procurement vetting and ongoing monitoring. Designed for the South African market, Lexis ProcureCheck uses advanced technology, multiple databases and cross matching to highlight any conflict of interest that exists in your procurement environment. Restricted vendor lists and a risk matrix and dashboard further enable you to focus on high risk.

Lexis® Sign

A trusted, ground-breaking electronic signature solution suitable for any digitally-geared business. Lexis Sign makes it quick and convenient for all parties to sign, with no more printing, signing and scanning, and no more illegible documents after multiple scans. Get clear and fully-compliant agreements finalised faster than ever before. With Lexis Sign your document is completely tamper-proof and uneditable, ensuring no additions, deletions or missing pages. It’s safe, secure and all online – from sending, signing and receiving, to filing and keeping an audit trail.

At LexisNexis we have a solid history of developing online solutions that simplify work processes and lighten your workload, while always advancing the Rule of Law. Our range of LexisNexis Procurement solutions can help you take your digital procurement up a notch, enabling efficient, centralised data management and enhanced risk management controls.

Want safe, secure solutions that save you time and money while more effectively mitigating risks to your procurement processes?

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