Keep Corporate Governance Top of Mind

The world of business has changed semi-permanently as a result of COVID-19. From an increase in remote work practices to the challenges of leading in a post-lockdown economy, effective corporate governance is top of mind for many organisations.

Does your senior management team have the necessary tools to lead your organisation to success in the current economic climate? It’s time for Lexis Practical Guidance: Corporate Governance.

Corporate Governance During COVID-19 And Beyond

A practical online resource, Lexis Practical Guidance: Corporate Governance provides relevant legal information and guidance on how to deal with all governance-related matters in South Africa. Up to date and easy to navigate, it will help your organisation comply with statutory obligations and ensure corporate decisions are in line with best practice.

With Lexis Practical Guidance: Corporate Governance, you can access:

  • Content on the role of corporate governance including the aspects and importance of good corporate governance
  • Commentary on the Companies Act and the King IV Report on Corporate Governance
  • Insights into the nature of effective leadership, sustainable development and corporate citizenship
  • Information on the effect of COVID-19 on corporate governance in South Africa
  • Resources for leaders and managers adapting to the current economic environment (including actions around fiduciary duties and remote working practices)

Lexis Practical Guidance: Navigation

Lexis Practical Guidance Corporate Governance

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