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Legislation and case law are the two most important primary sources of law. If access to primary sources of law is restricted or out-of-date, knowledge of the law is effectively denied.

LexisNexis is committed contributing to the rule of law across Africa. For this reason, we established the "Primary Law" division – to assist in the creation of effective and up-to-date legal referencing products. We develop and maintain partnerships with countries, to empower government and citizens alike, promoting the rule of law and facilitating transparency and good governance.

LexisNexis is a world renowned partner with unsurpassed distribution channels for legal publications. Governments all over the world trust LexisNexis to bring their laws up to date and we are committed to ensuring that, once your nation's laws have been brought up-to-date, they stay that way.

World class expertise

Our world class publishing and marketing expertise ensure maximised distribution channels for publications.

Specialised training

We provide essential training for government officials involved in legal drafting and law revision at no extra cost.

Free-to-access solution

We offer a free-to-access consolidated and fully up-to-date online solution for the general public to access laws at no extra cost.

Tried and tested system

Our tried and tested system of working alongside a designated official appointed by government has a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction.

Our work in Africa

Our Partners

As part of our commitment to improving the Rule of Law throughout Africa, LexisNexis partners with governments, judiciaries, legal experts and law societies across Africa and the commonwealth that share our vision.


LexisNexis specialises in managing challenging large-scale publishing projects. We aim to consolidate or revise your legislation and deliver a new revised edition of laws in
a matter of months.

Case Law

Recording and publishing the most important decisions of a nation's courts is a vital component of developing legal certainty and transparency. As a result, the preservation and publication of the judgments of courts is of critical importance.


LexisNexis publishes Primary Laws in a number of format options to suit your market – from exceptional quality print products – in bound and loose-leaf format, to leading edge digital solutions, providing a research product that is intuitive and easy to use.

Free electronic access to laws

In keeping with our commitment to increasing and broadening access to legal information, LexisNexis also encourages governments to make their laws and case law available for free download using a basic PDF-based interface. We offer this service as standard as part of our print and online publishing packages,
for no extra charge.

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