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The impact of covid-19 on the property market? Here’s the good news!

Since February 2020, South Africa has been profoundly affected by COVID-19 and the subsequent stages of lockdown have affected all sectors across South Africa. The property market seemed to be no exception with the Deeds office closing numerous times and property professionals finding themselves having to work remotely and online, rather than in the face-to-face manner typical to their industry.

With deals on the table in a world of remote working, property professionals such as estate agents and conveyancers have had to change the ways in which they conduct their business. The result? A significant shift towards online interactions, including client meetings conducted via video, sharing documentation electronically with shareholders, collaborating through secure online conveyancing systems and making use of reliable monitoring and reporting apps. The truth is that a move online has made conducting property work easier, safer and more efficient than ever. And it’s thriving.

Conveyancers, Municipality, Bank or Property Professional, here is a place for you to get the latest information on online legal tools that can move you forward.

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