Protect Your Business and Your Clients from a Social Media Crisis

Employees can ruin a company’s reputation on social media and leave it legally exposed. Social Media in the Workplace provides expert legal advice and clear interpretations of the laws governing social media in business. Practicing attorneys Rosalind Davey Lenja Dahms- Jansen have focused specifically on safeguarding businesses, and the rights and responsibilities of people in the workplace. This publication is aimed at the Legal Profession, Business owners,
Managers and Social Media Users.

Practical Advice to Protect
the Workplace

Setting the Limits

Social Media in the Workplace covers the 6 critical pieces of legislation governing social media usage, guiding you on the interpretation of the legislation by the Courts, and how to manage social media in keeping with the law.

Written in Plain English

This is an expert  reference for the legal profession, but clear and direct and easily understood by business managers
and social media users.

Steps to Protect the Workplace

This work will help organisations preempt situations that could cause a social media crisis. The authors discuss a range of steps you can take, including appropriate social media policies, training and communication, enforcement of policies and social media crisis planning.

Clarity on Responsibilities & Rights

The authors explain how to balance right to freedom of speech with the right to dignity, privacy, and freedom from harassment, and protect the business, its employees
and other stakeholders.

Protect Your Business

Social Media in the Workplace gives attorneys, employers, managers and social media users clear guidance on navigating social media in line with the 6 critical laws governing social media usage and the interpretation of this legislation by the courts.  It also advises how to protect employees’ right to freedom of expression
without exposing the business to liability.

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Book Review - Social Media in the Workplace

Book Review - Social Media in the Workplace
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