COVID-19 Return to work webinar

20 May 2020 15:59

The impact of COVID-19 on the way we live and work has been dramatic and far-reaching. The easing of lockdown from 1 May will be a staggered process, geographically and according to sector, with specific regulations on how this will be achieved due to be published this week.

What we do know is that when we come out of lockdown, it will not be business as usual – everything will have changed and our workplaces and practices will have to adapt as well. This is a pressing concern for many South Africans, including business managers, legal personnel, lawyers and union representatives.

Legal and HR experts Mike Beaumont and Jakes Doorsamy, directors of The HR and IR Consultancy discuss a strategic plan for returning to work, answering the following HR and IR-related questions:

  • How to measure the extent of change on your business?
  • How will your organisation manage a staged return to work?
  • How can this be handled in a co-operative climate? How to balance empathy and urgency with operational realities?
  • What health and safety measures must be taken to ensure a safe return to economic activity?
  • How do recent directives and regulations inform these measures? And what about the human element?
  • Is working from home the new norm? If so, to what extent will HR and IR policies need to be reworked to accommodate this?