Electronic Signatures Webinar Series

23 October 2020 00:00 by George Findlay

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, companies and businesses have had to look at new ways of conducting business without compromising the legality and compliance aspect of operations. Electronic signatures have become an essential tool for legally binding agreements and daily business practices.

Presented by Corporate Software Specialist, George Findlay unpacks the benefits and features of using electronic signatures as the main solution for remote working. He presents 2 information filled sessions which guides the audience from the fundamentals of electronic signatures to the security aspects to protect information.

Electronic signatures webinar series

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Introduction to electronic signatures

With virtual working the new normal for South African professionals, electronic signatures have evolved from a convenient extra to a simple and effective compliance necessity across all sectors operating in a COVID-19 reality.

The webinar covers

  • The fundamentals of electronic signatures
  • How to ensure the electronic signatures you use are trustworthy and compliant.

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The Validity of electronic signatures and cybersecurity

The move to digital signing has become more prevalent across all business sectors and naturally this has given rise to questions on the legitimacy and security of electronic signatures.

The webinar covers

  • Key security features of electronic signatures.
  • The authentication processes.
  • What benefits electronic signatures have in the new working world

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