Advocate Ismail Hussain SC.


Advocate Ismail Hussain SC. is author of the LexisNexis title Practical Drafting Skills. A former Judge of the High Court and the Competition Appeal Court, he was a member of the Independent Electoral Commission from 1994 to 2004 and has served on various legal training panels. Advocate Ismail Hussain has served on the panel of trainers for Law Society and Legal Aid SA; he currently provides training in Drafting, Trial Technique; Commercial drafting and Financial Compliance Courses attended by Attorneys, Advocates and business. Advocate Ismail has provided training services to 13 government departments.

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  • Legal Drafting Skills Webinar
    Clarity and brevity are key to the successful drafting of legal papers. Too often, an inability to write as is required, a reliance on precedents, as well as the confusion caused by the use of lengthy arguments and complex legal jargon results in badly drafted legal papers, furthering delays in the legal process.