Mellony Ramalho

Sales and Marketing Director – LexisNexis South Africa

Mellony is an innovate, resonate leader that has operated successfully at Board Level and execution design. Her extensive experience is inundated with success at steering core strategy, gearing business for improvement and revenue.

As the Sales & Marketing Director at LexisNexis South Africa; Mellony’s strategic responsibility is to deliver customer value through intelligent data and analytics, improved customer experience and a modern and digitised marketing department.

Her priorities include execution of the LexisNexis ONE Marketing Strategy and expansion into Africa in support of our overall vision of Enhancing the Potential of the African Continent by Advancing the Rule of Law.

She has close to 30 years of experience and is an innovative leader who has managed teams across South Africa and Africa, with her largest portfolio being just over 2000 employees. Her qualifications include a Master in Business Administration endorsed by Oxford University, a diploma and certificates from the IMM for Marketing Management, the Wits Business School Management Advanced Programme and an Industrial and Organisational Psychology qualification from UNISA.