Yvonne Rossouw

Chartered Accountant (SA)

Yvonne Rossouw is a Chartered Accountant (SA) with 10 years’ experience in the auditing and accounting profession. She has been part of the ProBeta team since 2015, facilitating auditing and Probe courses as well as legislative and tax courses. She develops new courses and updates material with legislative changes each year. She is responsible for developing and presenting the Audit International course and works together with clients to develop this course to their specific needs. She also consults clients on compliance with FICA and POPIA as well as other legislative, accounting and auditing topics.

Yvonne volunteers on various committees and working groups within IRBA and SAICA to provide input and guidance in the development of the auditing and accounting profession.

She has a passion for working with people and transferring the knowledge she has obtained to others in order for them to progress in the profession