Pauline Pillay: “Know who you are, believe that you can do it, own it and go for it.”

07 August 2020 11:53

Pauline Pillay: “Know who you are, believe that you can do it, own it and go for it.”

Systems Analyst Pauline, 44, celebrates her 13th year with LexisNexis this Women’s Month. She loves the diversity and the challenges that come with her day-to-day work and is grateful for the team that she gets to work with on a daily basis, summing it up with the Mattie Stepanek quote, “Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

“Things are always changing, and this role allows me to interact with different people and sharpen my skillset to solve any challenges faced. Every day is unique and agility is key,” she says.

Pauline reveals the importance of her faith, her mentorship and development journey, her passion for grooming and uplifting women, and future plans that include pursuing a Degree in Data Analysis.

  1. What does your work typically involve?

    As a systems analyst, I am like a digital investigator. My role requires me to look at a company's current computer systems and procedures (specifically dealing with contracts, royalties and warehousing) and ensure that they operate in an effective way so that all day-to-day and month-end processing requirements are met.

    My work responsibilities involve:

    • Preparing requirement documents outlining work needed to be completed by the development team on various modules (Contracts, Royalties, Warehouse).
    • Liaising directly with developers to ensure that appropriate fixes and improvements are made to the modules.
    • Ensuring that all processes, amendments, and enhancements are clearly defined, processes mapped and translated into detailed SOP’s.
    • Working with internal teams and co-ordinate new system changes and enhancements with BIS.
    • Problem-solving PeopleSoft contract-related issues faced by the business.
    • Ensuring that Operations staff are properly trained and have sufficient knowledge to manage customer contracts on an end-to-end basis.
  2. What qualifications do you hold and from which institutions?

    I matriculated from Phoenix Secondary School and have a Diploma in Biblical Theology from Emmanuel Bible College.

  3. Please summarise your career path to date including any professional associations you might belong to.

    I currently have a mentor that is guiding me through my career path. I have completed a few short courses on growing as person and leader and am learning how to develop myself and others. Next year I would like to start working on my Degree in Data Analysis.

  4. Where do you see yourself in the next few years in terms of your career?

    I would like to be a Project Manager with involvement in SQL Reporting and Data Analytics.

  5. Where did you grow up and in which area do you currently reside?

    I grew up in Phoenix, which is a close-knit community in the northern suburbs of KZN. I still reside in this area, but my dream is to settle in a home near the sea.

  6. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

    I am actively involved in my local church community. I engage in ministry that focuses on grooming and uplifting women.

    In my quiet time nothing beats the serenity of sitting on the beach and being encapsulated by the power of the waves, the salty breeze and the sounds of calmness. It’s like a spa day for the soul.

  7. Do you have a family / children?

    I have an amazing close-knit family. I am blessed to have my parents, who live with me. My husband Jonathan is a God-fearing and a dedicated family man. My son, Jaden, loves playing bass guitar and my daughter, Jenae, loves dancing. My family is really important to me.

  8. How do you achieve home / work / life balance?

    Finding a balance tends to be a little difficult, especially when it is in your nature to try and make sure that you do everything that you need to do; and you want to do it to perfection.

    For me, I tend to prioritise – focus on completing the urgent and important tasks first and working my way to the less important tasks.

    I also find it important to MAKE the time for self-care. “You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

  9. What advice do you have for young women trying to carve out a successful career?

I like this analogy:

Let knowledge be your driving force that waters the roots of your success ensuring the stems of your life become stable as the nodes bring about new shoots of opportunity that unfold into leaves of experience that develops into the beautiful flower/delicious fruit that is your career.

Embrace and enjoy the process of building your career!

Respect Yourself - know who you are, believe that you can do it, own it and go for it.

Never let the opinion of others pull you down. You are, your own limitations. Find joy in every task that you are given.