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Manage compliance with an integrated software solution.

“Most businesses embrace the focus on risk and compliance and work hard to put the right strategies in place. A major concern remains though, and that is the cost of risk and compliance. Affordable Governance, Risk and Compliance software management tools help address this need, enabling companies to record an organization’s key risk areas and mitigation strategies.”

Bosman Stramrood | LexisNexis General Manager: LexisGRC

Lexis GRC is an integrated software solution complete with LexisNexis legislative content, including by-laws. This comprehensive reputation protection solution is vital to remaining compliant during these uncertain times. With a variety of modules, you can customise Lexis GRC to suit your needs and requirements.

Isn't it time you maximised your opportunities through the expert enterprise management of risk, compliance and mitigation?

With so many regulatory changes, let us keep you informed.

Our online Lexis Assure system is designed to keep you up to date with all regulatory changes so that you can effectively manage any compliance risks. With the many benefits of Lexis Assure’s automated alerts, this online system gives you peace of mind while saving time and money.