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As a medium to large organisation, ensuring the business has the right tools for the job is critical. Part of the process in achieving good corporate governance is ensuring you have a system that not only accumulates your various forms of data, but one that can turn your data into insights giving your Executive Committee and Board, the information they need to enhance performance and deliver value.

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Organisational data will continue to explode even more than it already has. While this provides opportunities for companies like yours, learning how to harness this data while assessing the relevant risks, can be time and resource intensive. A comprehensive governance, risk and compliance management tool identifies activities that could potentially impact the business and acknowledges the relevant acts and legislation that applies to the organisation. Using a tool that has an updated legal universe and provides email notifications and alerts, with fully customisable modules and risk registers tailored to your business needs, eliminates the high costs related to maintaining this data. Lexis® GRC is that tool.

Lexis® GRC is a governance risk and compliance management system that leverages technologies to simplify processes such as checklists, capabilities and workflow systems, while assessing key risks from large volumes of data, enabling GRC practitioners, CEOs and Board members to act proactively. Our tool offers a more personalised and responsive experience tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, while comprehensively covering the entire scope of requirements.

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Lexis® GRC

With GRC arguably one of the most impactful and important business requirements of an organisation, having a comprehensive compliance policy and programme in place is just the first step in the process. Implementation of the programme and adherence to the policy set in place often involves the use of manual and disparate tools and processes that can be inefficient and untenable. Prioritising the move to an holistic, integrated digital system will provide insight and oversight to stakeholders ensuring cohesive risk management, leading to business sustainability.

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