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Information technology advancements are better enabling GRC management software to become sophisticated enough to anticipate likely incidents and implement better controls, while also offering insights that can inform business opportunities and strategy. An example is our software solution, Lexis GRC, which now boasts improved and interactive business intelligence dashboards as well as data visualisation tools. These bring case management to life through intuitive, audience-appropriate reporting views and interactive capabilities that aggregate or isolate risk hotspots.

This customisable software solution enables users to determine the modules that are most important to their business - starting with creating their own risk registers from the legal universe provided and isolating relevant acts and legislation that apply to their organisation. From there, the sophisticated GRC software solution will help identify areas that could potentially impact the business – and can be scaled up as the business changes.

With LexisNexis’ long history of success in delivering legal and regulatory content solutions, as well as being at the very forefront of technology innovation, Lexis GRC can be trusted for an integrated perspective on wide-ranging compliance issues
relevant to your business.

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Lexis® GRC

With GRC arguably one of the most impactful and important business requirements of an organisation, having a comprehensive compliance policy and programme in place is just the first step in the process. Implementation of the programme and adherence to the policy set in place often involves the use of manual and disparate tools and processes that can be inefficient and untenable. Prioritising the move to an holistic, integrated digital system will provide insight and oversight to stakeholders ensuring cohesive risk management, leading to business sustainability.

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