Mpho Khoele

Pharmacy Law and Medical Law Practitioner

Mpho Khoele is a practicing advocate of the High Court of South Africa, a member of the Johannesburg Society of Advocates as well as of the Pharmacy Council of South Africa.

She has extensive experience, more than fifteen years, in the pharmacy industry as a Medicine Policy Assistant and an IT Clinical Assistant. The scope of these positions included: the honing of project management skills, establishing processes within the company that were used in the projects initiated, a well-rounded industry awareness by building good relationships with various key players in the pharmacy and medical aid industry, furthermore, analytical skills and knowledge of scheme formularies pricing, and medicine.

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  • Clinical Trials: A friend or foe
    Liability insurance in clinical trials is an indemnity covering the liability of an applicant for injury attributable to participation in the clinical trial. The loss covered includes that for medical treatment, and financial or other assistance necessary to adequately compensate participants for resultant impairment disability or handicap. When applying for a clinical trial to be approved, the applicant, the manufacturer, must submit evidence of comprehensive no-fault insurance. It seems that this measure is an adequate filter to avoid any company that may have nefarious intentions.