The conveyancing process

09 April 2019 00:00

In a highly competitive marketplace, the need for excellence in client service becomes a key differentiator.

This is especially true for the real estate market, with client relationships being a driver for customer loyalty and referral business. Making use of technological enhancements created with the real estate industry in mind is an essential for greater success and advancement.

“Estate agents do not operate in isolation,” says Greg Brown, Director of Data Services at LexisNexis South Africa. “The process of concluding a successful property sale involves the team work of numerous stakeholders. Technology plays an unparalleled role in this process too. From online property listings to tracking the transfer process and registration at the Deeds Office, the appropriate use of technology is a vital tool to expedite real estate transactions.”

Identifying ownership
The multi-faceted online platform, Lexis WinDeed, provides estate agents with access to information such as the legitimate owners of a property. This is not only useful for approaching owners to list their property for sale, but also to confirm ownership.

Identifying ownership of the property via a trustworthy and reputable source will ensure that all owners of the property are involved in the transaction preventing estate agents – and purchasers – from being scammed by unscrupulous conmen, masquerading as legitimate property owners.

Comparative property valuations
Brown says that the comparative property valuations, based on recent sales in the area, offered on Lexis WinDeed take the guesswork out of the recommended listing price the agent will present to clients. Information such as the extent of the property, servitude and details regarding the surrounding areas and amenities are all available online via the platform.

Tracking the transfer process
Tracking the transfer of property through the Registrar is streamlined with Lexis WinDeed offering users the ability to track matters lodged at the Deeds Office using the Deeds Office Tracking System (DOTS).

Keeping a competitive edge is easy for estate agents when armed with accurate information. Transfer searches by Lexis WinDeed allow the agent to have the latest information regarding sales and ownership changes in their area and the updated Contact Information Search makes getting in touch that much easier.

Lexis WinDeed provides information and tools to track the process of a property transaction and give access to regular and up-to-date feedback, enabling fast and efficient processing – from the listing of a property to the finalisation of the sale.

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