Lexis MetroIQ for municipal managers

01 October 2019 08:45

The key role municipal managers and their staff play in maintaining an accurate and up-to-date database of all properties within municipal boundaries cannot be understated.

Operational efficiencies throughout processes such as billing and collections and property transfers can only be achieved with a comprehensive and well-maintained property registry.However, the process of maintaining an accurate database is a labour and resource-intensive task. “The dynamic nature of the property industry means one requires constant administrative inputs. This is especially true for the larger municipalities with extensive property portfolios.

However it also impacts the smaller municipalities that require cost effective solutions while operating on smaller budgets,” says Greg Brown, Director: Data Services, LexisNexis South Africa. “Lexis® MetroIQ assists municipalities to maintain precise and up-to-date property registries, improving rates collection by ensuring correct billing information, and helping municipal teams to meet audit requirements.

”By identifying changes in property transfers, subdivisions and consolidations, Lexis MetroIQ allows GIS staff to quickly update account records, ensuring a current registry. The platform removes the need for manual batching, reduces data capturing and redundant data, and enables inter-departmental information sharing – resulting in a cohesive database with all departments accessing a single source of information.

Product features include:

  • Single report view of property values of a selected area provides for accurate property valuations for annual property valuation roll.
  • Access to individual property valuations for in-depth investigations
  • Satellite image access to view properties and determine additional buildings
  • Map view shows local amenities within the area that may improve property values.
  • Up-to-date registry which ensures account owner information is correct for billing purposes.

"This platform protects municipalities against loss of revenue as well as reducing the risk of reputational damage based on improved audit results,” says Brown. “Lexis MetroIQ assists with legislative compliance to the Municipal Property Rates Act & Municipal Standard Chart of Account. The product has a subscription model that gives managers greater control.

”For more information, visit https://www.lexisnexis.co.za/lexismetroiq