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06 March 2020 00:00

It is difficult to keep up with all the legal requirements your business must satisfy, which is why LexisNexis offers resources for three key legal areas that your business needs to be compliant in.

Businesses are becoming increasingly complicated as more technologies come to the fore, and this results in new and more complicated legal frameworks within which businesses must operate.

It is difficult to keep up with all the legal requirements your business must satisfy, which is why LexisNexis offers resources for three key legal areas that your business needs to be compliant in.

These areas are:

Business Law

Lexis Practical Guidance Business Law is a reference solution that provides those who are creating, taking over, or currently running a business with comprehensive guidance on Business Law in South Africa.

Business Law incorporates Company, Corporate, IP, Contract, Insolvency, and Employment Law.

This means that those who use this resource will have access to a broad range of legal knowledge across numerous fields, helping owners and managers alike to make decisions that are informed by extensive information from a highly knowledgeable source.

This resource is particularly useful to owners and managers of SMEs, as well as legal professionals who are working on Business Law tasks.

IT and Data Protection

The POPI Act is one of the most talked-about pieces of legislation affecting South African businesses.

It means that South African businesses need to actively ensure that their data management and privacy techniques are rigorous and fall within the bounds of the Act.

Lexis Practical Guidance IT and Data Protection offers comprehensive assistance to businesses looking to comply with POPI as well as any other IT- and data-related legislation – such as the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act and the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill.

Data management is one field that is continuously changing, and it requires a resource that is updated regularly. Those who use Lexis IT and Data protection can rest assured that it is regularly updated to match changes to the various acts and laws of South Africa.

This resource is specifically targeted at IT organisations, as well as those who interact with IT-based legal work.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (IP) is becoming increasingly prevalent as a genuine consideration for individuals and businesses alike. Improved technologies mean that greater innovation is possible than ever before.

However, IP rights and regulations can be tough to understand, as there are many ways that IP can manifest and accordingly be legislated.

Lexis Practical Guidance Intellectual Property assists you in understanding various types of IP matters  and how they are legislated – from traditional copyrights, trademarks, and patents, to more complicated IP such as domain names.

This resource includes expert insight from attorneys from Norton Rose Fulbright and Margo Attorneys, and is the most valuable IP Law guide available.

This is targeted at any individual or entity that wants to protect their IP from being infringed, or those who want to have their trademarks, copyrights, patents, or ideas registered.

Subscribing to Lexis Practical Guidance

Lexis Practical Guidance is an annual subscription product.

Signing up to the subscription service will provide you with access to up to 30 critical areas of law.

Documents can be saved to a client folder, downloaded, printed, and emailed.

The service allows you to offer legal services outside your main speciality, increasing your business’ scope and generating new revenue streams.

Benefits of Lexis Practical Guidance include:

  • A comprehensive online tool which has been developed by and is constantly being updated by experts and practicing legal professionals.
  • A neat, easy-to-navigate user interface which gives the user access to a vast amount of practical, applicable and up-to-date legal material.
  • Increasing your legal capacity and saving costs by reducing your reliance on legal outsourcing.
  • Reductions to your research time and reliance on multiple different sources of law while providing legal certainty.
  • Assistance in remaining up-to-date on areas of interest with topical news and recent judgements.

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