South African Legal Practice

15 January 2020 00:00

Time to explore new areas of legal practice with Lexis Practical Guidance

Over 80% of South African legal practices are sole practitioners.

Boutique or niche firms face many challenges but also have access to a number of options that can positively affect their viability and sustainability.  One of these is to expand into new areas of practice, and in so doing, open up new revenue streams.  This may be easier said than done when time and resources remain constant restraints for practitioners.

With this in mind, and to help legal practitioners in exploring new areas of practice, while supporting them in their existing areas of practice, LexisNexis South Africa is introducing you to Lexis Practical Guidance, a comprehensive online tool developed and maintained by practicing legal professionals. Each of the practice areas offer a neat, easy to navigate user interface, and contain a vast amount of  practical legal material. We have bundled six Practical Guidance modules into a special offer for small law firms (ten users or less).

Two pertinent practice areas are featured below.

Practical Guidance Civil Procedure allows you to easily acquire a practical understanding of civil procedure, the related court rules and other key legislation, without losing the intricate details of the law. With a strong emphasis on practical aids, Practical Guidance Civil Procedure will assist you with executing tasks and actioning items. This practice area contains 120 Guidance notes, more than 30 Topics and in excess of 290 Forms, Precedents and Checklists.
For a free sample of a Guidance note Click here.

Practical Guidance Dispute Resolution covers the main forms of dispute resolution and provides you with need-to-know information for you to successfully resolve disputes and effectively participate in ADR proceedings. It contains more than 120 Guidance notes, Up-to-date Legislation & Case Law and over 190 Forms, Precedents and Checklists.
For a free sample of a Guidance note
Click here.

Lexis Practical Guidance gives you access to:

  • Guidance notes with direct links to case law, legislation and deeper research within the Lexis® Library;
  • The most relevant and up-to-date legislation;
  • Precedent setting case law which, where relevant, are discussed in the Guidance notes;
  • Customisable, downloadable forms and precedents with drafting tips;
  • Checklists to guide practitioners through the relevant processes and procedures as required.;
  • Other resources such as flow charts, latest updates, recent legislative amendments and breaking news.

The Lexis Practical Guidance subscription service offers access to up to 30 areas of law. Documents can be saved to a client folder, downloaded, printed, and emailed. All searches are stored in a search history.

For experienced practitioners, and practitioners wanting to expand into new areas of practice, Lexis Practical Guidance has proven to be a valuable and efficient legal resource – online, on hand and on point.