Updated titles for 2019 Financial Planning decisions

04 March 2019 00:00

The new year brings opportunities for business success, but sound financial decisions require a big picture view and understanding of the South African financial planning and regulatory environment.

Updated for 2019, LexisNexis Financial Services titles provide direct access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date content enabling decision making and recommendations to be made with complete confidence, supported with accurate information and calculations.

The South African Financial Planning Handbook 2019 is widely regarded as the pre-eminent reference work for all financial planners, legal advisors, compliance officers and academics. It includes commentary on all aspects of financial planning, references to relevant legislation and cases, alerts to important clauses in legislation, tables which collate and simplify information and relevant examples that enable the reader to apply information in a practical context.

In addition to the South African Financial Planning Handbook, LexisNexis publishes several up-to-date handbooks that cover specific aspects of financial planning.

The Fundamentals of South African Trust Law meets the demand for a text that explains the basic principles of South African trust law in an uncomplicated and straightforward, yet sufficiently comprehensive manner. The book can be used as a student text, an introduction to trust law for practitioners who do not possess a legal qualification, as well as a resource for experienced legal practitioners in search of answers to contemporary trust law questions.

For those embarking on a career in financial planning, The Fundamentals of Financial Planning 2019 is an excellent reference and covers all aspects of financial planning. It is a prescribed work for numerous undergraduate courses, and is written in a practical, outcomes-based format.

Financial Calculations and Worksheets 2018 contains explanations and worked examples of various compound interest calculations, as well as practical worksheets on income tax, retirement planning and estate planning calculations. Every financial planner should have a copy.

Tax and financial planners can look forward to Corporate and Personal Financial Planning 2019, which provides comprehensive commentary on taxation of individuals, trusts and deceased estates, donations tax, estate duty and CGT, long-term insurance, retirement funds and disability benefits. The book also includes concise summaries and extracts of all relevant legislation for quick and easy referencing.

Money Laundering and Terror Financing: Law Compliance in South Africa 2019 is an affordable textbook ideal for use as a training manual for banks, financial institutions and people involved in the enforcement of anti-money laundering and terrorist activity. It includes commentary, relevant legislation, FIC guidance notes and FATF recommendations.

Designed for the benefit of trustees of retirement funds, Essentials of Retirement Fund Management 2019 offers easy reference material that covers everything from the duties and responsibilities of trustees to investment performance surveys and financial and investment principles.

The Concise Guide to Capital Gains Tax 2019 is an easy to understand guide to the complex subject of capital gains tax. It starts with basic principles, identifies misunderstood areas and explains the law in clear, non-technical terms for the readers benefit.

For more information and to purchase these titles visit: https://store.lexisnexis.co.za/categories/financial-services/financial-planning-177