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On 27th of March we launched our free online COVID-19 Resource Centre aimed at informing the public of their rights during this difficult time. The page consists of the most up to date government notices, court directives and regulations in relation to COVID-19, as well as commentary from legal experts around the country on emerging themes and topics. The response to this initiative has been phenomenal and sprung us into action to do more as a good corporate citizen whose primary purpose is to advance the Rule of Law.

We have received questions from several organisations eager to understand their responsibilities at this critical time. Their interests have covered everything from their expected obligations and how they can continue to run their business over this period, to looking to us to share best practice, strategies to assist their business post-COVID-19 and how they can remain optimal over this period.

A unique opportunity

We believe that the current challenges faced by businesses present an opportunity. Our aim is to gather content from experts and share this on a common platform for the public, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and general industry.

How can you assist?

Share your content based on one of the topics below in any of the suggested formats:

  • A short video no longer than 2 minutes
  • A short article with insights (250 – 300 words)
  • Opinion piece giving information (500 to 700 words)
  • Quick tips/ hints/ observations to assist other businesses and professionals

All content will be reviewed, and only relevant pieces will be edited and posted on our blog, social media platforms and general media. Contributors will be fully acknowledged, and their information will become open for all to access.

Please join LexisNexis in this worthy endeavour.

  • Submissions to be sent to caselaw@lexisnexis.co.za
  • Include a short bio and a high-res head-and-shoulder photo.
  • Videos must include your full name, designation and company/ firm (if appropriate).
  • Video content to be submitted via WhatsApp to 066 480 8750
  • Provide contact details for questions

Recommended Topics:

We welcome suggestions for alternative topics. For articles/ opinion pieces, to reduce duplicate content, please first indicate your topic by emailing caselaw@lexisnexis.co.za

Remodeling of our Justice System

South Africa's courts will remain open during the Covid-19 lockdown, however physical entry to courts was already limited after the call for social distancing. Looking into the future how will this change our justice system in the future? What happens to matters on the court roll and how will the backlog be managed? What are some of the interventions that can be put in place, so our Justice system is equipped to service the public after the lockdown?

Remodeling of Legal Practice

  • The practice of law has been going through an evolution for some time. How has your business responded to this – share insights on how you demonstrate value to your clientele and tools and solutions you are using to remain efficient and productive.

Deeds Office Operating Model

  • The deeds office will be operating with minimal staff over this period.
  • As a conveyancer for an individual who recently purchased property how will you minimise the impact of this to your cycle?
  • What solutions are you using to ensure that processes can continue and will be ready to be handed over when things return to normal?

The threat to cyber security

  • The remote working model presents increased cyber risks for all businesses. How is your business managing this and reducing their exposure?
  • How are you ensuring that your information and data are protected over this period?

What business opportunities have become available in relation to COVID-19?

  • Digital Journey: all businesses are faced with a new predominantly online, way of working. How will this reduce costs for businesses versus how other costs will increase? How do certain segments that have been heavily dependent on person to person engagement now have to adjust how they approach business?
  • Remote Working: How will businesses benefit and how will we change our business models for good? What are the benefits and challenges of working from home?
  • Business Growth: what are some of the growth opportunities that have become available to your business and business at large?
  • Business Structural Changes: COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown will see a change in businesses structures. What are these structural changes and their impact?
  • Disruption of industries: What are the new ways of doing business required to maintain communications with employees and stakeholders? How can businesses leverage from these?

What are some the behavioral changes that need to change in business?

  • Managing in person has been turned on its head. How do we drive business growth and what behaviours do businesses need to adopt now and beyond COVID-19?

The new business models post COVID-19

  • Elements of business that will change post COVID-19 and related growth and success.
  • What can businesses look forward to post COVID-19?
  • What are you looking forward to post COVID-19?

The impact of COVID-19 to our environment

  • Carbon footprint – over the next 21 days we will all be operating from home and potentially reducing our carbon emissions and impact to our climate. What other benefits will our planet have over this period?

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