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As Legal advisors the challenges you face in keeping up to date and current with legal practice and business on daily basis are many. Interpretation of legislation and translation of Latin phrases is time consuming when daily tasks are split between developing one or more contracts and addressing supplier agreements, to name a few.

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LexisNexis had been trusted by professionals for years to provide accurate and precise legal content that covers all aspects of law. With Lexis Library’s online research and information tool you get access to changes in legislation and legal practice including the Labour Relations Act, Companies Act, Corporate Governance and more.

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We’ve compiled a selection of legal titles available on Lexis Library that we think are most applicable to your daily role.
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General legal matters for business
A Commentary on the Protection of Personal Information Act
BEE Service Empowermentor
Guide to the National Credit Act
Social Media in the Workplace
Consumer Protection Law in South Africa

Understanding & Drafting Contracts
Business Contracts Compendium (BCC)
Information Technology Contracts

Facing business challenges
SA Business Rescue Procedure
Insolvency Law

Compliance and Governance
Corporate Governance an Essential Guide
King IV Report
Henochsberg on the Companies Act

For Listed Companies & those that intend to list
JSE Equities Rules, Directives and Related Legislation
JSE Limited listing Requirements

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